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Ninja Casino stands out in the myriad of online gaming options because it is a casino without registration. Users can play freely without creating an account and don’t have to go through all the tedious steps of registering before gaming can commence.

No account casino: No login data ensures privacy

Every online gambling company has its own bonus system. Bonus systems usually contain various forms of rewards such as additional cash, extra points and daily free spins. The online casino market is a rapidly growing industry. It creates a competitive market that requires preferential offers, excellent paying alternatives and of course a broad selection of different games. Ninja Casino’s free spins bonus is attractive and user-friendly.

As previously mentioned, all net casinos strives to provide appealing bonuses containing different kinds of extras for its players. Most of the companies require both a registration and a deposit before you are entitled to any of their offers. A registration often contains a verification of your age usually done through a scanned ID. After registering and opening your own account you could easily deposit your first amount using a credit card or a bank transfer. That’s practically what a deposit bonus stands for; it’s an extra reward given to you after you’ve put some of your funds into your casino account.

Bonus systems differ widely between casinos. There are plenty of various combinations such as free spins, free games, additional cash and of course VIP programs. Ninja Casino differs from the rest of the market as it is a registration-free casino. Players just need to open the website, deposit their funds, and begin to play. It’s smooth, fast and easily done at BankID casino ; you only need to press the “deposit” button and choose the desired amount to transfer. Lastly there is a verification of the transaction which is also very simple. Ninja Casino accepts a verification through your Bank ID.

Get ready to start playing

Getting ready to start playing at Ninja Casino couldn’t be easier. All that’s needed is a login with your BankID to verify your identity. The verification is made whenever a new deposit is made. No password, no username.

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Play without an account: Resuming paused games is simpler than ever

To start playing without an account all players need to make a deposit. Simply choose how large a sum you wish to transfer, connect with your Internet bank via Trustly and confirm the transfer. After that, the gaming awaits.

If the need for a brief pause or a longer time-out should arise, the pause button is but a click away. Whatever balance you had in the game will of course be saved and made available again when you choose to resume playing.

Whenever you’re feeling up to starting the game again simply, click resume and log in with your BankID to verify your identity and access your balance. The game will be ready and waiting for you, sometimes together with Ninja Casino free spins.

No account casino: No charge on money transfers

Ninja Casino operates under the motto that money that belongs to the player should remain with the player. The casino’s no charge policy on all money transfers made by its users makes this clear. All deposits made by a player are free of charge, ensuring that all the money users deposited for gaming purposes can be used for just that. Not only are deposits free, they’re available to you directly after the transfer has been completed. No hidden agendas, no extra fees, no account

If players are lucky and/or skilled enough to win, the no account casino allows all the earnings to go directly to the bank account of the happy winner. Even better, the money is transferred with maximum speed, making it possible to have the money in your account in just fifteen minutes.

Be careful to choose the right currency when depositing or withdrawing money from Ninja Casino. Even though the casino itself doesn’t charge for these services, there will still be bank fees added if currency exchange is needed.

By ninjacasino, 21 May 2018

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Published Date: 21 May 2018

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