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Enjoy playing without registering

Ninja Casino is one of the first and most reliable casinos to offer instant play with no registration required. We offer players a multitude of benefits, including removing the hassle of entering a host of personal information, the added security that comes with not having to expose personal details online and the ability to make instant cash out casino withdrawals using the fast and secure Trustly online payment system. Thanks to Trustly, players can make deposits in a matter of minutes through their own banking system, meaning you enjoy a safer gaming experience and can start winning money as soon as you go online. You don’t have to worry about saving your balance either as your deposits and winnings will be saved each time you pause play or close your browser. You can pick up right where you left off as soon as you come back.

Ninja Casino is set to change the face of online and mobile casino gaming by offering a safe and secure interactive experience that can be enjoyed anywhere on your mobile phone or played at home on your desktop. Both our payment system and our games are designed to be used on all mobile platforms including Android, iOS and Windows. In no time at all, you’ll be ready to win money on great games like online slot machines, live roulette and blackjack. As soon as you’re ready to enjoy your winnings, all you have to do is hit ‘cash out’ and your winnings will be in your account in as little as five minutes! Get ready for the next generation of mobile gaming and instant cash out casino play with Ninja Casino.

Ninja Casino is one of the world’s first online casinos to offer players the chance to dive in quickly without filling out any personal details. This means players can begin gaming in less than five minutes, just as soon as they deposit their initial funds. Ninja Casino has partnered with the unique and secure fast payment system Trustly to offer a seamless gaming experience that offers multiple new benefits. Primary among these is that you avoid spending time filling out lengthy forms and can start playing immediately. Ninja Casino also offers added privacy as you don’t need to have your personal details stored on an outside server in order to participate. Our new systems and technologies are so ground-breaking that we have even received several major innovation awards for online casinos, including the In-house Innovation of the Year at the 2017 EGR Nordics Awards.

The first fast payout casino

Another attractive feature of Ninja Casino is our ability to serve as an instant cash out casino. We are the first online casino with fast payout to offer such a high level of security with all our payments. We do this by partnering with Trustly and using their quick and secure payment system to process deposits and instant cash out casino payments swiftly and efficiently. Our system works so well that you will see your withdrawals hit your bank account in as little as five minutes.

What is a BankID and how do I get one?

A BankID is the online financial equivalent of your passport. It is basically a credential administered by your bank to prove that you are the rightful user of the account. You may already have your BankID from previous transactions. However, if you don’t, it is a simple matter to request one from your bank directly or by using your online banking system to do so. Once you have one, you are ready to play. All you have to do after you hit ‘deposit’ is select your country and bank and enter your BankID for verification. Your funds should be deposited in less than five minutes.

How to deposit and cash out

Depositing your funds and securing an instant cash out casino payment couldn’t be easier. As mentioned, to begin, you’ll need a BankID or mobile BankID if you are playing on your mobile. Once you have this, you are ready to experience a completely online casino with very fast payout. To start, simply click on ‘deposit’ and choose your desired amount and denomination. You’ll then be prompted to enter your BankID. That’s it! You are now ready to play. Once you have acquired some winnings at any of our hugely entertaining casino games and want to enjoy some of the fruits of your labour, all you have to do is hit cash out and your winnings will be withdrawn and should be visible in your bank account in five minutes. Easy! There are no additional details required in order to cash out as funds will automatically be sent to the account from which you originally deposited your funds. This saves time and confusion, making it even easier to enjoy an instant cash out casino experience. Because we rely on your bank for confirmation of your identification and the processing of your payment, your money is literally as secure as it would be in your own bank.

How can Ninja Casino offer such speed with security?

Our collaboration with innovative payment system Trustly plays a key role in us being able to offer an instant cash out casino like nothing else on the market. Trustly utilises the latest in transfer technology as well as close and heavily regulated relationships with banking institutions around the world to deliver an unparalleled level of speed and security when it comes to money transfers. Trustly basically relies on your own bank’s security to ensure that fraud is virtually impossible. By utilising a BankID generated by your own bank, you ensure that no one is able to steal your credentials. Via this framework, your details are protected by the strong security systems of your own bank. In addition, you do not have to register with Trustly in order to take advantage of these benefits. Because Trustly already has established relationships with banks in 29 different countries, all you have to do is select your bank, enter your BankID, and Trustly will do the rest. Trustly is regulated by the Swedish FSA, making it one of the most reliable and secure payment systems available today.

Ninja Casino is operated by Ninja Global LTD (Company Registration Number C81929), 120, Level 6, The Strand, Gzira GZR1027, Malta, and licensed in Estonia under activity license no. HKT000035.


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