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How Blackjack Works – Here’s The Deal

Blackjack is one of the longest-running staples in the casino world. It is also one of the most beloved games due to the level of skill required and the ability to increase positive outcomes through smart play. Ninja Casino now offers a live blackjack environment that players can take advantage of on their mobile device or desktop to experience the excitement of real-world blackjack from the comfort of their own home. Ninja Casino is quickly becoming a global name thanks to it fast and secure payment system and the ability to play for real money without registration. Find out more about the great game of blackjack and how you can increase your chances, and explore the great features of Ninja Casino’s live casino blackjack.

Live blackjack requires a high level of skill and expertise. In this game, the player competes against the dealer, and there is quite a lot going on between the two when it comes to playing live blackjack. A basic game of blackjack in which the player wins can follow one of three paths. In one scenario, a player can prevail by getting a total of 21 with their first two cards, as long as the dealer doesn’t achieve the same. In the second, the player doesn’t get 21 but gets a hand that is higher than the dealer’s without going over the 21 mark. The last way to win is by allowing the dealer to go bust. A great deal of thought, ingenuity and courage is required to achieve consistent victories in live blackjack, which is part of what attracts so many people to the game and makes it an essential part of just about every real-world casino.

Strategies For Winning – Yes, Really!

hanks to its risk-free, secure and fast payment system, Ninja Casino has become a gateway for many new players to the great game of blackjack. If you are looking to maximise your potential victories straight out of the gate, here are some starting blackjack tips that you can follow.


There are basic strategy cards that can be found online that layout the best sequences of hits, stands, splits and doubles in most circumstances. Experienced players will naturally move beyond these basics as their game evolves and they develop their own style of play, however, in the beginning, it is a good idea to adhere to these whenever possible. Many newbies choose not to keep a basic strategy card with them as they don’t want to be seen as an amateur at the table. A great benefit of playing Ninja Casino live blackjack on your mobile or desktop is that no-one can see you take a sneaky peek at your strategy card PDF file.


Avoid aggressive play until you get a feel for the game, the dealer and whether or not you’re on a hot or a cold streak. Don’t be afraid to leave the table if things are running cold and ignore everything except the interactions between you and the dealer.


Insurance bets are designed to reduce the negative impact of a possible blackjack in the event that the dealer’s first card is an ace. While some players utilise the option, many consider these bets an increase in risk rather than a reduction. Players should be conservative with insurance bets until they intuitively understand the risks and rewards involved.

Live Online Blackjack On Ninja Casino

Ninja Casino is fast becoming one of the premier places to enjoy live blackjack. We run two concurrent live blackjack tables to offer exciting live blackjack on your mobile device or computer. These Ninja Casino-branded tables have been developed by top game designer NetEnt and are constantly being improved to provide an even more realistic gaming experience. Our goal is to continue to add features and tables in order to create an immersive online casino experience that we call ‘Live Beyond Live’. More and more gamers are using Ninja Casino because of our unique features. There are no registration or payment details requirements in order to play. Simply click on ‘deposit’, enter an amount and confirm your identity with your bank to deposit a gaming balance immediately. As soon as your funds have been deposited, you can access the live blackjack lobby and choose a table.

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